New Species Found! Preview The New WowWee Alive Baby Animal Cubs

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Meet the newest additions to the Alive Cubs family of adorable youngsters: Seal Pup, Husky Puppy, Leopard Cub, and Koala Joey.


WowWee Alive Seal Pup

Playing with Seal Pup is as close as you can get to having the real baby animal to nurture and take care of in your home.  Seal Pup has blinking eyes, an animated mouth, and an array of sounds. Listen to him react when you stroke his back, pat his head, or cradle him. Leave him alone for five minutes and he'll snore as he enters his realistic Sleep Mode.

WowWee Alive Husky PuppyWowWee Alive Leopard Cub



Leopard Cub and Husky Puppy bring feline and canine cuddles to life, with realistic baby animal sounds and animated eyes and mouth.  Their detailed fur is designed to be as lifelike and close to the real thing as possible.


Oh, and don't forget to stock up on eucalyptus leaves for the adorable new Koala Joey!  In fact, why not collect them all?  The new breeds of Alive Cubs are now available for pre-order from the WowWee official store for $59.99 USD.

WowWee Alive Cub Features

• Try Me function
• Activate the pup’s sensors when you pet him and he will respond with sounds and motion!
• Using internal tilt sensors, he can tell when he is being turned over
• Makes real baby animal sounds
• Moving mouth and blinking eyes
• Adoption certificate and family portrait included
• Requires 4x "AA" batteries (included)

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GWJax's picture

PLEASE come up with something different for the Alive series!! We have requested the T-800 Alive but all WowWee can come up with are animals for children and the FurReal company has already made a huge killing off these animals. You have tried this in the past with the grizzly bear, wolf and others that are now collectors items and which were a great product back then but in these times the Alive Series MUST grow and not copy from others. The consumer you need to appease are the adults, We make the money and we love seeing new products that some of us will hack and others will be a must have product for their collection. The Chimp was a great start and then the Elvis bust had been toned down with lack of user enjoyment except for us hackers to improve your product and after that the Cubs and now your stuck with stuff animals. Another Very SAD day for the Alive Fans out there...


wolf lover's picture

I have the wow wee wolf. I think all the wow wee animals are great!:) She is amazingly cool. I love wolves!

- Jay