WowWee Alive Minis Preview: New Plush and Adorable Baby Pets

If you've fallen in love with the WowWee Alive Cubs... you'll fall head over heels for these miniature pets - get ready for the Alive Minis!  Plush 8 inch (20 cm) versions of the Lion, Leopard, White Tiger and Panda Cubs will respond to your cuddles with soft baby animal sounds. 

WowWee Alive Minis Logo
Feed him with his bottle — he’ll make real baby animal gurgling and feeding sounds… Pick him up or lay him down and see how he reacts.  He’ll even fall asleep when you leave him alone!

WowWee Alive Mini White Tiger CubWowWee Alive Mini Panda Cub

WowWee Alive Mini Lion Cub WowWee Alive Mini Leopard Cub

Features of the WowWee Alive Mini Cubs

  • Try Me function
  • 7 adorable baby animal sounds indicate the cub’s mood
  • Feed him with the included feeding bottle — he closes his eyes and makes feeding sounds
  • Falls asleep when you leave him alone!
  • Knows when you pick him up
  • Adoption certificate included
  • Requires 2x "AA" batteries (included)

The Mini Cubs are available for pre-order from WowWee's official site for $19.99 USD - collect them all!


GWJax's picture

Another cub alive when will this stop..


milw's picture

Probably when WowWee starts making more money from 'real' robots... got yer Cinemin yet?

GWJax's picture

Yea the Cinemin I have my own version of that one made many years ago. So this is nothing new for me.