WowWee Rovio Light Modification Kit

I am pleased to say that I am having much better luck using Rovio in the dark, taking advantage of this new kit for the Rovio.

There are many light modifications on the forums here, but many of them require opening the device which could potentially void your Rovio's warranty.  Here is a kit that I found that worked to solve my issues, by Phantasm Robotics.

I think I was one of the first to buy from him and the product arrived quickly from Canada to me in Europe.  It arrived in a normal plastic type bag, and to be honest, didn't look like much.  My set up has one LED with a mount to fit with Velcro on Rovio's head, which is connected to a battery unit.  There is a magnet on the battery which activates the light when the head is raised.  I think it would be better to have two LEDs (on each side of Rovio) and maybe also one on the head. As mentioned, mine is on the head at the moment.  However, I will get another two lights for either side of the body - making three LEDs and two battery units.

Lithium batteries could be used and they have a bit more power available.  Tthere is a window of about 2 volts that can be added to the light that will increase the lumens of the LED.  Right now, I am running at 4.5 volt peak, so you can add 2 volts to that, to around 6.5 volt peak.  That will increase the output by as much as 30%, though the LED is rated for 6.  The extra .5 volts would not be there all the time. so I dont think that a large amount of the life of the LED will be lost due to the added voltage.  My battery box has 3 batteries.  A larger battery box with 4 batteries is also offered. It's a bit fiddly to fit the magnet due to its shape and position of other magnet on the battery, but it seems to be fine.

Overall, this is a great light kit that could use some improvements, but would be a good temporary solution for someone who does not want to "hack" the Rovio.

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how much did it cost?

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Hi excuse me my broken english. I need know. What Happend to desconect the rear wheel? need stering with two wheels in front, I use the robot in differential mode with two wheels.
help me please