Digital Graffiti & The Cinemin Swivel: Portable Art In Motion

Recently, the Digital Graffiti Art Festival was held in Alys Beach, Florida - attracting over 1,400 visitors, who flocked to the festival to witness the newest revolutions in digital artistry.  Digital Graffiti, also known as "photon bombing" or "urban projection," is a relatively new form of artistic expression using images projected on the side of buildings.  No spray paint needed, of course!

In the photo above, you can see how digital projection can completely transform the facade of a city street into a brightly lit canvas.  Aspring craftsmen and women even attach projectors to their vehicles for a "mobile" photon bombing machine.  The photo below is even more stunning - a building has literally been converted into a living "pipes" screensaver.

The WowWee Cinemin Swivel picoprojector, developed with Texas Instruments technology, was a sponsor of this awesome forward thinking art gathering.  The Cinemin Swivel promises to revolutionize portable projection, enabling you to take your movies and television shows with you anywhere you go.  Learn more about the Cinemin Swivel.

The Cinemin Swivel also opens a world of opportunity to create a new art movement - call it whatever you like, but we like the sound of "pico-graffiti."  Artists could carry the Cinemin in their pocket and using a portable media player such as an iPhone, project their digital art anywhere they like... on the wall of the restaurant where they are eating lunch, on the park bench, or who knows where?  It's the perfect form of portable art.  Students could use the Swivel at fairs or presentations to lend their booth a unique, dynamic look and feel - the possibilities are endless.  The Cinemin Swivel could revolutionize portable art as we know it due to its small size - no need to strap it on top of a car to project your art - and also for its reasonable price.

We would love to see the Cinemin Swivel projecting art - please post your comments, photos, and videos!

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MrScott's picture

Maybe it's not "art", but I can envision folks at conferences, conventions, reunions, etcetera, using such a device to convert any nearby surface into a showcase of their theorem, product, or class photos, respectively.

The Apres Ski wine and cheese party might take place surrounded by videos of the days best runs, jumps, or wipeouts.

A virtual environment, on the cheap, might get created by mounting four cameras on your helmet, and projecting the recordings or live feed through four pico-projectors in the center of a room. Stand under the projectors, and relive the experience the camera bearer had.