How To Customize the Graphics on WowWee RS Media's LCD Screen

Hello all,

This article describes two methods to customise the way the RS Media graphics look on his LCD.  But due to my very limited (read: "non-existant") graphic artist capabilities, I have only included 3 customised pictures.  So, I tell you how to do the customisation, but there aren't any cool new graphics yet.  If anyone would like to design new ones, I'd love to see them!

The first customisation method allows any personailty to replace the pictures used for Control mode, Arm mode, Guard modem and so on.   I called this '"Mode Picture Customisation."

The second method allows the Media Mode menus and graphics to be replaced with graphics of your choice.  I called this "Menu Customisation

Either or both these customisations can be done.  But if both customisations are done it effectively changes the 'screen theme' of the RSMedia robot!!.

Here are some examples:

Mode Picture Customisation can replace these pictures:

with these pictures:

Or... any other pictures that you like!

Menu Customisation can replace the animated menu graphics, like the icon below:

and all the icons used to make the text menus, like these:

So, how do we do it? Lets look at Mode Picture Customisation first, as it's the easiest to complete.


Mode Picture Customisation

Note: To perform this customisation, you must have an SD Card that contains at least one personality.

  1. Download the archive from the downloads area by clicking here.
  2. Extract the contents of the file to a directory in your PC.
  3. Customise or replace any of the pictures you like.  Just be sure they are the correct dimensions and have the same file name (see Picture Tips section at the bottom of the article.)
  4. Copy the modified files into the SD Card directory Personalities\xxx\Pictures, where 'xxx' is the name of the personality you want to customise.  (You can copy the files into multiple personalities if you want them all to use your customised pictures, and you only need to copy the files you have modified to the SD Card.)
  5. Boot the robot (with the SD Card installed) and change to the personaility you customised.  You should see the pictures you loaded for the right modes.

In the archive, there are also some customised pictures in the zip file To try these, just unzip the into the SD Card directory Personalities\xxx\Pictures, where 'xxx' is the name of the personality you want to customise.

Here is a list of the files that can be customised :   

How does this work?  When the robot wants to draw a mode picture, it checks the current personality /picture directory for the file.  If it finds the file, it uses it. If it does not find the file, it uses the default version from /mnt/default/Personalities/RSMedia/Pictures directory. So by putting our files into the SD Card's xxx\Pictures directory it will always use the customised pictures.


Menu Customisation

Note: To perform this customisation you must have an SD Card that has been formatted and previously used in the RS Media robot. (Also note that it will replace the /rsupdate/rsupdateapp file on the SD card. So, if you have already customised this, then back it up first!)

  1. Download the archive from the downloads area by clicking here.
  2. Backup your SD card (just to be safe).
  3. Extract the file onto your SDcard. This will create a new directory called '/icons'. It will add files to the existing directory called '/rsupdate'.
  4. Now you can customise/modify/replace any of the files in the SD cards '/icons' directories.  Note that not all the files seem to be used (but to be safe they should still be left in the directory).

Here is a list of the all the files expected to work:

(The pictures crossed out above dont seem to be used - so dont bother customising them!!)

Now, how does this particular customisation work? As the robot boots, it runs the rsupdateapp script (and some other scripts) in the rsupdate directory.  These scripts start the normal robot applications, but instructs them to fetch icons from the '/icons' directory on the SD card (instead of '/icons' directory in the RSMedia internal memory.)  These icons are used to draw the animated and Text Menus that are shown in the Media Mode.

Picture Tips

  • Full screen picture dimensions should be 176x132 pixels.
  • I suggest you use only 256 colours for jpeg files (so file sizes are smaller).
  • The RS Media LCD is only 16bits of colour (it can only show 65536 different colours) but jpegs will use 24bits; as such some colours will look different on the robot's LCD screen.
  • If you use a gradient of colour, they will usually look blocky or 'stepped' on the LCD screen.
  • There is a bit more techincal information available at this thread.

    Hope it all works for you!!!

    I hope that someone (with better graphic design skills than me!!) will make some cool 'screenthemes' that work really well with some of the known personalities. Then maybe they can be added to the downloads area as well.




    Helibot's picture

    I have created a new 'screentheme' that I have called 'BlackMedia'. It replaces the mode pictures and menu graphics. Its mostly using dark colours but has nice crisp graphics that are more 3D than RSMedias default ones.

    Download it from this link in the download area.