Quick Review of WowWee's Retro Series: The Classics Revived

I think that robot toys from older eras are awesome, in a retro-chic kind of way.  Who am I to talk... let the community speak for itself!  We have lots of fans here of older robot toys who are bound to be thrilled by WowWee's re-released Retro series of toys and robots.

WowWee T-Rex

WowWee Retro Series

Perhaps she's RoboRaptor's distant, prehistoric cousin?  Or just a force to be reckoned with in her own right?  No matter, she'll rawr her way into your robot collection either way.  With the cool "bone-shaped" IR controller, you can control her sounds, walking, and head animations.

  • 4 thrilling Dino sound bites
  • Mouth chomping action
  • Blinking eyes
  • Side-to-side head animation
  • Realistic walking motion 

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This cleverly named and lovable "hound-droid," keenly reminiscent of an old Doctor Who favorite, has been revived with all of his original features intact.  In a lot of ways, he's pretty similar to our crazy buddy Wrex the Dawg.  He needs to be fed, has a whole array of "cool robot sounds" as well as canine utterances, several play modes, and a "Short Circuit" mode where he'll start going off his rocker - and you will need to reset him.

  • 8 special features and 2 built-in features
  • Full range of motion - forward, back, strafe, and spin
  • Several play modes including Hungry and Guard
  • Animated head, mouth, ears, and LED eyes
  • Secret storage space in his back
  • Flexible tail antenna
  • Bone-shaped twin joystick controller with 7 function controls

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Remote Control Dragster

Ok.  I instantly fell in love with this toy, and I haven't even gotten a chance to see it yet!  Of course, I have a soft spot for R/C toys and planes, as community regulars will know, but how can this not be cool?  The WowWee Dragster can be raced at "super fast" speeds topping 8.5 MPH, pretty fast for a toy.  Add to that a rev meter on the remote control with a vibrating engine and working drag parachute, and you have one sweet racer. Use the included ignition timer to count down the seconds to your start and shoot for your best time! Maybe I'm just a big kid on the inside, but the Dragster looks like simple, sure-fire fun to me.

  • Rev meter
  • Ignition countdown
  • Vibrating engine and remote controller
  • Working drag parachute
  • 27 mHz
  • Available in yellow and red versions

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balloon's picture

I am interseted in the dragster, but after reading some reviews about a wierd battery problem i'm just not sure. Do you have any thoughts on this?

robodud's picture

I have a mega byte, but no remote. =[

Meenzal's picture

I checked Amazon for the MegaByte and they have it for $77.95 + tax and shipping. They also have Wrex for $148.99 + tax and shipping. I couldn't find the dragster there.

Megabyte is available at Babies R Us for $59.99 and from eCrater toymiser for $69.99. A Google search says that Amazon has it for $71.99 but that's not true. In fact, Amazon's pricing for WowWee products isn't as good as it once was. Quite often now they are among the most expensive.

Peter Redmer's picture

Awesome, I'm glad to see MegaByte on Amazon, although I'm surprised the pricing is higher than the other options.

One way or another, here's a buy link for those who are interested :)

Still don't see the Dragster or T-Rex though, will continue to watch for it.

balloon's picture

At the toys r us website there are a lot of negative reviews about the Dragster not including a wierd type of battery that is apparently very hard to find.