WowWee Labs providing SDKs for WowWee's tech products

WowWee has announced the release of new tools for iPhone and Android developers with a full SDK available.

Their new WowWee:Labs service provides you with the latest WowWee SDKs to develop your own apps to control WowWee's Robots and Toys.

SDK for RoboMe

There is a new RoboMe SDK RoboMe is the latest app controlled Robot from WowWee. Using the app the user can completely customize the Robot's personality and the way it looks. It takes advantage of a number of open source libraries to enable features such as telepresence, voice recognition, and text-to-speech.

SDK for the Elite CommandAR (ECAR) pistol

This is a physical toy gun that enhances games with a more tanigible, real world experience. The ECAR gun is equiped with 1 trigger, 4 side buttons, and an adjustable holder for a smart device.

ECAR was released with a 1st person shooter game on iOS and Android. You play as an elite space commander tasked for a last-ditch mission to save the planet. Most of the game is set in virtual reality but there are also levels played in augmented reality levels. For more information on ECAR and where to buy the robot visit WowWee's AppGear website.

This SDK allows developers to enhance their own apps to work with the ECAR pistol. It provides a straightforward API to listen for button presses from the gun.

There will be several more SDK's coming out soon. We will also be adding the SDK's to our downloads section where you can optain the SDKs and discuss developement.
In the mean time, check out their Apps and have fun!


TehRSV2's picture

I'm also glad to see they're once again promoting us.

Brandon C's picture

It looks like with the new API's and SDK's coming out that there will be a lot more new things we can do.
Should be fun!

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Will the SDK be released for MIP