WowWee Roboraptor Reborn

The WowWee Roboraptor has been around for a few years and has won a lot of awards. It contunues to be one of the more popular robots available.
The Roboraptor comes fully assembled and ready to roam the earth with his robotic dinosaur cousins. He has movable arms, a swiveling head, a sweeping tail, and a chomping jaw full of pointy teeth. Measuring 32 inches from nose to tail, the Roboraptor is a big enough to intimidate any smaller predator that may come along. He is a lot of fun and comes with over 40 preprogrammed functions, three distinct moods, and the ability to detect things in its path with infrared vision. He also comes equipped with automatic shutoff and a demo mode.

If you are not familiar with the RoboRaptor here are some of it's features and technical specifications.

  • Fluid bi-pedal motion: walking, running and predatory gaits
  • Realistic body movements: turning head and neck; whipping tail actions
  • Three distinct moods: hunter, cautious and playful
  • Autonomous environmental interaction: responds with mood specific behaviors and sounds
  • Mood dependent behavior: aggressive/hunting mood; nervous/cautious mood; friendly/playful mood
  • Multi-sensory: touch sensors in his tail, chin and mouth; sonic sensors
  • Infra-red vision system detects objects in his path, or approaching him
  • Powerful jaws that play tug-of war games, "bite" and pull
  • Visual and sonic guard mode
  • Responds to commands from Robosapien V2 and RS Media (sold separately)
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Video game style controller
  • Demonstration mode


  • Product Height: 32 inches (81 cm)
  • Product Width: 11 inches (28 cm)
  • Product Depth: 8.2 inches (20 cm)
  • Product Weight: 3 lbs (1.36 kg)

Battery Requirements*:

  • 6 x AA alkaline batteries
  • 3 x AAA alkaline batteries
  • *Batteries not included

Package contents:

  • 1 x Roboraptor
  • 1 x Remote controller
  • 1 x Instruction manual

As you can see it comes with a lot of very cool features. Not to mention it's just plain fun to play with. Check out the video below and pictures of it in action in the Image Gallery.




Sun Dog's picture

What's the difference between the new Roboraptor and the old one?

TehRSV2's picture

Sun Dog said: What's the difference between the new Roboraptor and the old one?

Nothing, the robot was taken off shelves for a few years and is back now.

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Whoops, double post

Sun Dog's picture

More like, Roboraptor Restocked :P

Disgruntled's picture

Do not waste your money on this. It is complete trash, and you will be thoroughly disappointed. I know I was. For one thing, it is made of the absolute cheapest and lowest-grade plastic possible, covered with flashing and rough edges. For another, it cannot walk properly in anything even remotely resembling a straight line on any surface in my house, from hardwood flooring to medium-pile carpet. And it can't walk at *all* on most surfaces -- the hardwood floor where it eventually describes a six-foot circle when told to walk straight is the best it manages. There is no artificial intelligence at all, collision detection does not work for most solid objects regardless of size, and the claimed array of "sensors" are no more than buttons.

It might be worthwhile for $15-20, but no more. Far older designs such as Silverlit's i-CYBIE do far, far more for cheaper.

A total joke and a waste of money.

guy's picture

This is a epic robot with lots of functions and it is just epic.

guy's picture

It is cool and I really like the sensors.

guy's picture

you really should buy this robot.

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can anybody tell me what it says on the remote control.

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The good thing is that unlike the other wow wee robots, it uses some normal batteries.