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RoboDuke's School of Java - Lesson 5, Chapter 6

Things are going well in the Duke house these days. We had a wonderful holiday season and are now settling down to teaching you more Java. We have come a long ways but you ain’t seen nothing yet! This chapter is so very cool. I promise that ArrayLists are the best thing since sliced bread!

Now --- on to our lesson! Download our jar file for lesson 4 from the link below:

RoboDuke's School of Java - Lesson 3, Chapter 4

And on with even more of my Java lessons. If you have forgotten (how could you??) I am RoboDuke, the Javarian. In this lesson, we will come down to ground level as we concentrate on methods, methods, and more methods! But before we do that, how about a good Java joke?

What would Juliet have said if she had been a Java programmer?

Java Quick Tip: "Problems" with the Scanner Class

Sun added the Scanner class in the JDK5.0 version. They did not write all of the methods the way I would have (but who asked me??). There are some quirks to making it work correctly. The problem occurs when reading text input from the keyboard and whether the text has a space in it or not. In the answer for the StockDriver from module 2, note the code