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Rovio eCos code

I know some of you have been impatiently (and patiently) waiting for the entire eCos code for Rovio and we've finally got it for you. You can get right here:


Note that you'll need the ARM Developer Suite v.1.2 to run this script, or if you don't, you can use your own ARM develpment tools to compile the code. 

Have fun! 

Avid Rovio developers take heed -- new API (v.1.3) available!

Hi all,

Just a little heads up to tell you that we've uploaded a new API for Rovio (v.1.3), which includes the following updates:

New functions documented:

  • GetUPnP.cgi
  • SetUPnP.cgi
  • SendHttp.cgi

Updated functions:

  • SetWlan.cgi/GetWlan.cgi
  • SetIP.cgi/GetIP.cgi

Happy coding!