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Boo! Hallowe'en is just around the corner...

Hey RoboCommunity-ites!

Don't forget to post your entries in the Hallowe'en contest! I'm really liking the submissions that are already, but I want to see more -- tell your friends about the contest (even if they don't have a robot, they can borrow one just for the contest).

There are lots of great prizes to be won so don't be shy and post your pictures, videos or audio files before Wednesday!

Post-Digital Life Recap

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the tardy update! Those of you who were able to attend the Digital Life 2007 exposition got to catch a glimpse of fantastic new and upcoming products from companies such as Hasbro, HP, iRobot, Intel, Logitech, M- Audio, Mattel, Microsoft, Namco, Nero, Novint Technologies, Palm, Popular Mechanics, Sony -- the list goes on!

Almost forgot to mention the Dance Dance Revolution tournament which had everyone hopping!

Interview with Benny D, Senior Product Designer

I’d like to present Benny D, Senior Product Designer at Wowwee to you all. This affable character started off at Wowwee as a Graphic Artist. With an eye for great design and winning products, he quickly moved on to become a Product Designer for the company.

Here’s my interview with Benny:

Hey Benny!

Hey, Michelle, how’s it going?

Not bad. Ready for your interview?

Yeah, sure!

By the way...

If you were wondering who the mysterious flier in the video is, he's Benny D, one of Wowwee's multi-talented product designers. You'll be reading about him in the very near future.

Stay tuned...