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Anyone got any FlyTech Dragonfly tricks they'd like to show off?

So now you've all heard the buzz and you all have gone out to get your own FlyTech Dragonflies (just kidding -- RUN, don't walk, to your local store to get yours if you haven't already), I'm sure some of you have devised your own way of flying these critters and created your own tricks.

If you have tricks you'd like to show us with your FlyTech Dragonfly, post them here!

Here's one to start it off:

Sneak peek at the RS Media Beta software

Hi all,

I've been (very) busy working on the new RS Media software manual and helping out with the Beta testing. As you might know, some of you Robo-community rovers have been testing the Beta version of the new software -- with a pretty spanking new interface and improved functionalities (such as better a capability upload to the robot, the ability to edit personalities on the fly, larger macro library, and even improved ability to edit BodyCons).

Here’s a bit of a sneak peak for those who haven’t seen it yet.

When all else fails...

It’s been a busy week for me here at Wowwee as I’m trying to get a draft of a manual for a certain Robopanda ready… So far, the process has been smooth. I must say that even though there’s no remote on this thing, there’s still quite a bit to write up BECAUSE he doesn’t have a remote.

I started off reading the specs for Robopanda to figure out what Robopanda is supposed to do. I also worked from available marketing material for Robopanda, and then basically built an outline for the manual from that.

CES-mania: Part 2

Hi everyone!

Some of you might have been wondering about FlyTech Dragonfly and if you’re not at CES right now, you might not have had the chance to see this amazing RC ornithopter insect in action.

CES-mania hits! And I can finally speak out!

Happy 2007, everyone!

I’ve kept my lips sealed for as long as I could and now that CES is well-underway, I can finally open my trap! As previously announced here on the Robocommunity headlines, WowWee will be releasing five new products this year in North America and worldwide, and each of them as unique as the next one.

Season's greetings!

Just a quick note to wish all you robo-enthusiasts a happy and safe

Keep an eye out in 2007 for the new products Wowwee will be presenting at
CES (January 8 to 11). We’ll be revealing fantastic toys in the new year (about
which some of you have been hypothesizing... I won’t say more). You’ll have to
check it out for yourselves in Vegas!

Hopefully this will keep you guys on your toes, so stay tuned.

Until next time!