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Mini RoboSapien Eye Hack

Hello, I'm Owen, Scott's son, posting this little thing I did to my Mini Robosapien (as you can see from the pictures below, my next one will be a prosthetic arm) to make his eyes light up seperate from the legs. My dad did the soldering, but it was my idea, and I did some other stuff, so it's a joint project.


-----Part One: Taking Apart-----

Anyway, here he is after opening him up:

Hacking the Blue Dragonfly

Contributed by Scott Monsma (milw) 

Well, here is the first image (bottom left) after replacing the blue LEDs on my Dragonfly with reds. I measured the voltage across them and got 1.63 V for the reds and 3 V across the blues, so I'm hoping this will extend useful battery life.

A short and incomplete history of Robosapien V1 hacks and mods

Well where to begin? At the start seems like a logical place...


When V1 was released it was well recieved from people all across the world. It wasn't long before owners who belived V1 was lacking a certain "Je ne sais quoi" began adding all sorts of paraphernalia to the little critter.