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Sunrise in Wisconsin

Well, this isn't about robots, but following a mixed rain/ice/snowstorm over the weekend, the sky was clear this morning and the sun was shining on the icy trees. Cold but beautiful, the sun hints of spring but does not bring much warmth right now!

News from a Parallax Universe

An interview with our very own RobosapienV2-4mem8 is featured in today's Parallaxian Newsletter. Parallax is perhaps best known for the hugely popular BASIC Stamp, a low cost microcontroller with embedded Basic interpreter. Parallax is also the maker of the BOE-bot which is a handy off-the-shelf platform for robotic education and experimentation.

A short intro...

Whoops, did change that avatar! Hi everyone- just a quick word about my background- I've been involved in amateur electronics and do-it-yourself robotics since the early '90s, especially inspired by the RugWarrior 'bots of 'Mobile Robots' by Anita Flynn and Joe Jones.