Press Release - World-wide Launch of Robosapien

out, there is a new robot in town. This August, Macy's gears up for the highly
anticipated arrival of WowWee's Robosapien, the hottest programmable, entertainment
robot on the planet.  In the digital
world we live in, Robosapien is the perfect robotic companion for today's tech
savvy consumers.  By mid August,
Robosapien will be available at Macy's stores nationwide in the ‘Home Store'.

Designed by WowWee and robotics physicist Mark Tilden, Robosapien is the most advanced and humanlike
robot available.  At 14 inches high, Robosapien
has excellent articulation and has 67 pre-programmed functions, including
picking up, throwing, giving a high-five, whistling and dancing - all of which
you program with an easy-to-use remote.   Robosapien has four advanced programming
modes to program a sequence of actions and three pre-programmed demo
modes.  And, in addition to being highly
intelligent and programmable Robosapien is also totally affordable at an
approximate retail price of $99.

"We're very excited to offer Robosapien to
our customers," said Evan Dash, senior vice president of Macy's Home Store.   "Stylish,
sleek and loaded with personality, Robosapien is exactly the type of innovative
product our consumers have come to expect."

Already touted by industry experts as a ‘must
have' item for the 2004 holiday shopping season, Robosapien has garnered international
attention from both the media and consumers: Robosapien was named "Boys Toy of
the Year" at the 2004 Australia Toy Fair; BBC Radio recently reported
Robosapien to be the number one selling toy in the United Kingdom.

And, while in limited distribution in the United States, Robosapien has received numerous accolades
from well respected national toy award programs such The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Family Fun, National Parenting Center,
Creative Child
and iParenting.

Easy to use, the Robosapien is fully
functional right out of the box, requiring no complex set up. No computer is required;
all functions are handled by the ergonomic remote control.   With four D batteries and three
AAA batteries (not included) you can enjoy more than six hours of
continuous entertainment.  Robosapien
automatically shuts down after he's been idle for more than 20 minutes.   

Robosapien will be available at Macy's
stores nationwide later this month for an approximate retail value of $99.  Robosapien will also be available at The Sharper
Image, Best Buy, Toys "R" Us and various other retail and e-commerce stores


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