Press Release - WowWee Introduces Roboraptor

lovers will have a roaring good time when WowWee RoboticsTM, the #1 consumer
entertainment robotics company, unleashes RoboraptorTM - the ultimate robotic
companion built with technology that is far from prehistoric.

At 32 inches long, with his massive head
and swishing tail, this interactive dinosaur is a futuristic version of a
prehistoric beast.  Combining dynamic
realistic motion with lifelike behavior, Roboraptor comes alive with advanced
artificial intelligence, extraordinary features and complex functions sure to
engage minds everywhere.  

All the ferocious power of the world's most
dangerous dino is in your control! The extremely realistic Roboraptor interacts
and reacts to his owner and surrounding environment based on his mode and mood.  He has three distinct modes: Roboraptor is
fully controllable in remote control mode, autonomous in his free-roam mode and
can be switched into guard mode. 

Roboraptor's behavior and responses change
according to his moods. With three distinct moods - hunter, cautious and
playful - Roboraptor will keep you on your toes. Go near Roboraptor's face when
he's hunting and he'll behave aggressively; approach him when he's playful and
he'll nuzzle your hand.  Whether he is
letting out a big roar or "purring" when he is playful, Roboraptor responds
with prehistoric sounds.

Multi-sensory environmental awareness
allows Roboraptor to hear, see and feel people and the environment around him -
he has multiple touch sensors in the head, mouth and tail, and sonic sensors to
detect sound and direction.  Infra-red (IR)
vision sensors help him detect and avoid obstacles.

How does he move? Advanced technology
allows Roboraptor to simulate a real raptor's body movement in a convincing
manner.  Fully articulated, Roboraptor is
able to accurately mimic the reptilian moves of the raptor.  Roboraptor's fluid biomechanical action
allows for three bipedal movement gaits: predatory, walking and running.

Roboraptor has more than 40 preprogrammed
functions and through direct commands from the remote he can perform multiple
realistic actions such as biting, walking, turning his head and whipping his

 In his
autonomous mode Roboraptor will react to his environment and move around on his
own accord.  He will rely on his instinct
and sharp senses to keep him out of trouble.

Put Roboraptor into guard mode and he will
keep watch over your room. IR Vision Sensors and Sonic Sensors warn against

Highly intelligent, Roboraptor is able to react
to commands given to him by Robosapien V2, the successor of the 2004 mega hit

Roboraptor comes fully equipped with a demo
mode to showcase some of its impressive pre-programmed functions.  Easy to use, Roboraptor is fully functional
right out of the box, requiring no complex set up. No computer is required; all
functions are handled by the video-game style remote control.   With six AA batteries (not included) for the
Roboraptor and three AAA batteries (not included) for the remote you can
enjoy more than two hours of continuous entertainment.  Roboraptor automatically shuts down after
he's been idle for more than 10 minutes.  

Roboraptor has already garnered awards for excellence
- a good predictor that he will follow the incredible path to success that
Robosapien took in 2004. Roboraptor received "Toy of the Year" and "Boys Toy of
the Year" awards at the Australian Toy, Hobby and Nursery Fair's 2005 Product
of the Year Awards.