Press Release - WowWee Launches a Robotic Dog, Robopet

RoboticsTM, the #1 consumer entertainment robotics company, introduces RobopetTM,
the new biomechanical best friend that everyone will be begging for. 

"We are at the dawn of the age of
Robotics," said Richard Yanofsky president of WowWee Ltd. "Advances in technology
allow us to create highly sophisticated and extremely lifelike entertainment
robots," Yanofsky continues. "Robotic companions are hotter than ever and with
the introduction this year of Robopet, RoboraptorTM and RobosapienTM V2 we have
positioned ourselves at the forefront of an evolving industry."

This black, white and grey futuristic
replica of a real pup is extremely expressive with lifelike animations and
digital animal sounds. Robopet comes alive with advanced artificial
intelligence, extraordinary features and complex functions sure to engage minds

The remarkably realistic Robopet interacts
with and reacts to his owner and surrounding environment based on his mode.
When you first turn on Robopet he is in autonomous mode and will explore the
environment and perform actions and tricks as he roams freely. You can then
choose to control his actions in the remote control mode

he is fully trainable and programmable. 
He also can be switched into guard or sleep mode. 

Robopet comes fully equipped with a demo
mode to showcase some of its impressive preprogrammed functions.  You can also program a sequence of up to 20
moves and tricks using the controller. 
Program Robopet to walk, move forward/backward and then have him do a
series of tricks like roll over, jump and paw.

In Robopet's unique training mode, he is
trainable and responds to positive and negative reinforcement.  To encourage a behavior press the good pet
button; to discourage a behavior, press the bad pet button. Make sure not to
over-praise your pet- no one likes a spoiled pup!  Put Robopet into Guard mode with the press of
a button. He will wait and then react when he sees or hears something nearby.
Robopet can be put into Sleep Mode using the Sleep/Wake up Button.  Robopet will yawn to let you know he is
snoozing - to wake him up - simply press the Sleep/Wake button.

How does he move? Advanced technology
allows Robopet to simulate a canine's body movement in a realistic manner.  Fully articulated, Robopet's fluid biomechanical
action gives him the ability to walk, crawl, sit down and stand up, run and

Robopet can perform an array of classic pet
tricks including play dead, roll over, beg and howl! Watch as Robopet scratches
an itch or spread out some newspapers and let him relieve himself!

Robopet has advanced multiple sensors that
include:  sound, Infra-red vision, tilt
and edge detection. These sophisticated sensors allow Robopet to interact with
his environment and to detect loud noises, movements and obstacles. He can also
sense the edge of a desk, and will make an inquisitive noise and retreat rather
than falling over.  The tilt sensors
enable Robopet to feel if he has fallen over, and he will attempt to pick
himself up.

Easy to use, Robopet is fully functional
right out of the box, requiring no complex set up. No computer is required; all
functions are handled by ergonomically styled remote control.   With four AAA batteries (not included) for
the Robopet and three AAA batteries (not included) for the remote you can
enjoy more than six hours of continuous entertainment.