How I Replaced Roboquad's Eyes and Mouth: 3-Series

Dissecting the Alien


There is a scene in the Alien movie where Bishop is dissecting an alien face-sucker. He has a glazed look in his face as he studies the creature.

I kept remembering that scene as I read RobosapienV2-4mem's incredible work on his new Roboquad.

The exoskeleton is cracked open. The workings are laid bare. And I can imagine 4mem with that far-away glaze in his eye -- working on the wiring and then recording it all.

Of course, the Roboquad is not quite the Alien. And 4mem is not an android like Bishop (as far as I know!)

All week 4mem has been sending in a stream of photos, video and emails as his work progressed.

Now it is all online... for you to see.

Here are the links:


Part 1: Replacing Roboquad's Eyes and Mouth

Part 2: More Photos of Replacing Roboquad's Eyes and Mouth

Part 3: The Videos of the finished Hack