Sightings for September 4

Robosapien: Robosapien is mentioned briefly in an article that ran in two editions of the Daily Herald, a local paper in Arlington Heights, IL. The article is regarding upcoming toy movies produced by Avi Arad. Robosapien is mentioned as a prospective project along with Bratz.

Alive Elvis: The Anchorage Daily News picked up the New York Times’ "Digital Living" article in which Alive Elvis is reviewed positively along with a new Xbox 360 keyboard and a Logitech backpack.

Roboquad: A total of seven blogs, including,,, and, picked up the info regarding the hack involving Skype, a Wowwee Roboquad and internet connection, that lets you call up your robot from anywhere in the world, control it remotely and - thanks to a head-mounted video camera - stream live media back to you. The video, which originated on "Hacked Gadgets" and "SlashGear," is posted to all the blogs.

Wowwee: A press release that went over Business Wire this morning announced that BDI-Laguna, a total solutions provider supplying consumer electronics and computer products to the nation’s most successful retailers, added the full lineup of WowWee Ltd. products to its portfolio for leading retailers

Robopanda: The blog "Robotmania" posted a product review of Robopanda, giving a full list of features, dimensions, and battery requirements.


DAILY HERALD "Toy stories", Arlington Heights, IL - 08/07/2007

Alive Elvis

ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS "In Brief", Anchorage, AK - 08/11/2007


WowWee Roboquad
By rj3sp
Na de Spykee Spy Robot uit LinkNotes: Personal Spy Robot is hier de WowWee Roboquad:. Liven up your living room with the Roboquad, a four-legged, spider-like robot with unprecedented mobility and awareness. The Roboquad is designed with ...
LinkNotes -

WowWee Robots Now Skype Controllable
By simra
If you liked the idea of Spyke, the Skype-capable robot who can be controlled over the web, you might be interested to know that the same concept has been applied to WowWee robots like Roboquad. ...
Robotics News - Exterminate!... -

Demo Video Of Skype Controllable Wowwee Robot, RoboQuad
By Bill
I found a neat post on Bot Junkie about a guy from youtube that uses skype to control his Roboquad over the internet using just his voice and a program he wrote called Robodance. You can monitor your home and control your wowwee robot ...
Strange And Cool -

WowWee Robots Now Skype Controllable
By Evan Ackerman
If you liked the idea of Spyke, the Skype-capable robot who can be controlled over the web, you might be interested to know that the same concept has been applied to WowWee robots like Roboquad. Software called Robodance acts as an ...
BotJunkie -

Skype your Robot to "Attack!"
By Phil Wolff
They show their architecture and describe the project. Sign up for the Robodance mailing list. skype robot skypejournal robots robotics automation x10 video skypevideo speech roboquad robodance remote.
Skype Journal -

RoboQuad Becomes RoboSpy with RoboDance and Skype (Video)
By Lem
At first glance, the robot on the right looks like a standard RoboQuad from WowWee, that you could find at toy and specialty stores almost anywhere. But, on closer inspection you might notice that this particular RoboQuad is equipped ...

Brilliant Roboquad Mashup!
By dsk
Turn your $100 dollar Wowwee toy into a home security robot! Robert Oschler has created an amazing robotic mashup using Wowwee's Roboquad, Skype, the Robodance software and some communication hardware. The setup allows any Roboquad ... - robotics today -


BDI-Laguna Adds WowWee Ltd.'s Full Line of Consumer Entertainment ...
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
WowWee Ltd. is a world-leading creator of breakthrough electronic entertainment devices including the Robosapien line of consumer robotics. ...


By Prima(Prima)
Robopanda(tm) is a fun-loving curious panda robot, no controller required. Interact with him through his numerous touch and sound sensors; Touch responsive skin; Recognizes the differences between a stroke, touch and pat; Tells stories and ...
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