Transforming Elvis to the Terminator - Part 1

Everyone's been super excited about this new modification project by our own GWJax. He's dubbed it the "Elvinator," or the Alive Elvis "transformed" into a model of the Terminator. You can take a look at this thread for more background information and discussion on this exciting mod.

We're really in for some detailed, exciting hacking work with this one. This first part of an ongoing series of articles about the "Elvinator" shows you how to open up your Alive Elvis to reveal some of his electronics. Here's an excerpt:

"Next is a look under the shoulders. This is where the head is controlled; it can tilt right, left, up and down. Two motors control these functions in the X-Y axis using worm gears and a gear box. Notice the large silver washer. In between is a thick rubber washer, so the motor gear box can move without breaking or locking up. The board to the right of the center motor is an HBridge circuit for controlling the movement of the motors fowards and backwards. Also in the motor gearbox is a PT sensor for detecting speed and lack of motor movement. On the far left and far right is the board for the IR sensors on the vest. The center bottom board is a power distrubution board."

Click here for the full article by GWJax, with full pictures and descriptions!

Don't forget to stay tuned for Part Two of the modification, where we get to see some of Elvis's insides!