Image Galleries and Other Exciting Updates!

Attention community members - we've made some great improvements to our site that we'd like to let you know about!

Member Updates

First, you can now see other member's birthdays in their profiles and in the members section; wish your friends a "Happy Birthday!" (Your year of birth will not be shown.)

Groups Updates

Second, take a look at the Groups section. We've now added the ability for anyone to add a download to a group. Feel free to contribute your download by using the "Submit a Download" link in the group.

Image Galleries

Last, but definitely not least - we've added Image Galleries! This exciting new feature will allow you to create a customized image gallery for your forum thread, article, download, group discussion, or blog entry.

You'll be able to add and remove photos, reorder your photos, have custom captions, and batch upload photos from your computer to the gallery to save time and effort. You'll need Flash on your computer to use the gallery feature.

Remember that if you upload a photo or photos directly to the gallery, you'll also need to upload it in the article to use it there. However, if you upload an image to the article, it will automatically be available in the gallery. Also note that if you are linking in your article/forum post/etc. to an image found elsewhere, it will not automatically be available in the gallery, and may have to be uploaded manually. Once your gallery is completed, you'll see it at the top of your content item.

Here's some photos for additional details. Click on the images to view them in the gallery, to give you a feel for how it works:

Thank you all for participating in the site. We're excited to see your new image galleries! The possibilities are endless!

The Team at RoboCommunity