WowWee's Exciting CES 2009 Announcements Are Here!

I certainly hope everyone here is as excited as I am to finally hear about WowWee's new product lines, which have been unveiled in anticipation of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is starting this week on Thursday.  I'll be fortunate enough to go and see these awesome new innovations hands on, and hope to update the community as often as I can!

Here's a sneak peek at the official press release, in which WowWee announces new products from all four of their lines!

WowWee Cinemin - A New Suite Of DLP Micro Projectors

WowWee Cinemin Projectors for iPhone and iPod

Together with Texas Instruments, WowWee Technologies ventures into the world of portable projection.  Usually, when you think of a projector, you think of something big, bulky, ugly, and hard to use - not the Cinemin!  You'll get three options:

  • Cinemin Swivel:  This pico projector is an affordable and lightweight compact projector that is, according to the release, about the size of a candy bar... that's small!  It's got a 3 hour battery life for watching movies, an adjustable hinge for ceiling projection (I'm thinking... watching movies in bed?) and a full volume control.
  • Cinemin Stick (gotta love the name): This pico projector's got internal memory and an SD slot to make it easy to watch your media, photos, and more.
  • Cinemin Station:  This is a media center/iPod/iPhone docking station that is about the size of an alarm clock - for "big pictures and big audio!"

WowWee Spyball: A Stealthy, Transforming Mobile Webcam

WowWee Spyball

I can't wait to see this one - how awesome!  Spyball is like Rovio's stealthy, smaller cousin - morphing from ball to camera and back again, zipping around on its sleek wheels and sneaking photos of incriminating evidence.

You can make an ad-hoc connection to Spyball through your network, or set it up to access remotely over the Internet.

WowWee Joebot: Rhythm and Beats

WowWee Joebot

Joebot sounds like one cool cat.  He features voice command control and can respond to key phrases, as well as being controlled by his responsive hands (I'm guessing, similar to Femisapien?) or his remote control.

He's able to beatbox and dance - he'll repeat your beat while dancing along.  Don't worry about Joebot roving around, either - he's got tilt and obstacle sensors.  Various modes will keep you entertainer, including "Wandering," "Patrol," "Talk,"Guard," and my personal favorite - the "Battle" mode, where you can duel with him using any TV (IR) remote!

WowWee Roborover: Right On Track

WowWee Roborover

The Roborover is a tread-based robot that's designed to grow more confident as you interact with him.  He's operable via remote control, and tilt/obstacle sensors will help him roam around your home.  He's got spoken content, driving games, and will even home in to search for you using the "Follow Me" function.

WowWee Alive Cubs, Minis, and Sleeping Cuties... Awww!

There's been a lot of new additions to the Alive line in 2009!  First, we'll start with the new Alive Cubs.  If you fell in love with them the first time around, I've got some good news for you... there's four new cubs to collect!  Now, you'll be able to get the WowWee Alive Seal Pup, Husky Puppy, Koala Joey, and Leopard Cub.

In addition, there will be Mini Alive Cubs, featuring touch and tilt sensors, "endearing" sounds such as snoring and gurgling (that indicate the cub's moods), and a feeding bottle that they can sense.

Finally, WowWee is unveiling "pajama pets," called the WowWee Alive Sleeping Cuties.  These adorable snoozing pals have eyes that move and will curl up into the perfect sleeping position when you pet them.  They also make gentle sounds of slumber to help lull you to sleep.  They'll be available in four different breeds:  the Labradoodle puppy, Beagle Puppy, Cinnamon Persian Kitten, and White Persian Kitten!

WowWee FlyTech Lightstar: UFOs Really Do Exist

WowWee FlyTech Lightstar

Hehe... I can imagine tormenting other condo owners in my complex with one of these *evil smile*  The Lightstar, as other WowWee flyers, is sturdy, light, and crash-resistant.  The unique feature of Lightstar is its built-in light system, which creates "mesmerizing" light patterns while aflight, as well as a cool glow and "halo" effect.  Imagine seeing one of these hovering outside your window at night!  You can fly three of them at once with the scroll wheel controller (I'm excited to see how that will work) and a 10 minute charge gets you aloft for 4 minutes.

WowWee FlyTech Hoverpod Racers: Zoom!

This sounds like WowWee's first R/C car!  The Hoverpod racer has a two-channel remote and a tail rudder for directional movement.  It can operate on most smooth surfaces, and the remote allows for up to two Hoverpods to be controlled at the same time.  A 10 minute charge gives you 5 minutes of white knuckle racing action.

I'm envisioning some epic kitchen floor race tracks, aren't you?  

More to come...

I can't wait to see all of these in person at the show, and I hope to provide as many updates as I can - especially pics and video.  Comment below - I'd love to hear what everybody has to say about these new bots!

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Grandlarseny37's picture

Joebot, Roborover, and Spyball all sound awesome! I'm also excited to see WowWee doing some non-robo electronics! Update us as much as you can and have fun at the CES!

MrScott's picture

It's a coincidence that I just read Arthur Clarke's "Songs of Distant Earth" this week. It featured a surveillance device referred to as a Spyball.

Peter Redmer's picture

Updated with pics! Hope to follow up with more at the show!

RoboArmand's picture

Grandlarseny37 said: Joebot, Roborover, and Spyball all sound awesome! I'm also excited to see WowWee doing some non-robo electronics! Update us as much as you can and have fun at the CES!


rybuger1's picture

Even though the Cinemin projectors sound neat, the Spyball and Roborover have me the most intrested. (Even though I like Spyball just because it`ll probably be less expensive than Rovio...) 

Roborover should be cool, unless the torso is only posible, and Wow Wee uses a obnoxious human voice. (Also, I wouldn`t be too surprised to see somebody turn this into Johnny 5.)

 P.S. I was right about the V3, sure, it isin`t called RSV3, but who do they think theyr`e fooling?

idrum289's picture

I agree rybugert, I like the Spyball and the Roborover. I like the idea that he grows more confident the longer you use him.

Currahee's picture

great lineup

gugus651's picture

can't wait.......

I-Sobot's picture

AWSOME I kinda like roborover

Roboreptile1's picture

I want to know more about robrover!!