Cinemin Swivel Brings Pico Projector Spirit to Digital Graffiti Festival

This June, digital artists from around the world will project original works onto a town's iconic white walls at the 2009 Digital Graffiti Festival, the world's first outdoor projection festival. The festival, sponsored by the sleek new Cinemin(TM) Swivel pico projector, provides filmmakers, musicians, and animators with an interactive canvas outside the constructs of boardrooms and movie theaters. Designed by WowWee Technologies, and powered by Texas Instruments' DLP(R) Technology, the Cinemin Swivel is one of the latest projection devices enabling artists to cast dynamic images onto urban structures as a means of artistic expression, referred to as "Photon Bombing,""Guerilla Projection" or "Urban Projection." The 2009 Digital Graffiti Festival will take place on June 6, 2009 at the breathtaking resort town Alys Beach, Florida.

The 2009 Digital Graffiti Festival, sponsored by Cinemin Swivel, explores how design, technology and architecture can intertwine to create entirely new art forms. For one evening, Alys Beach opens its doors, courtyards and pedestrian paths to innovative, ground-breaking artists who transform the entire town into a living work of art through a variety of projected mediums including photography and animation.

Cinemin Swivel

In its first public showing since its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2009, the Cinemin Swivel is set to revolutionize the way we consume media. From sidewalks and subways to camping tents and airplane tray tables, the Cinemin Swivel allows film, art, and photography to be shared with anyone, any time, anywhere. Featuring a unique adjustable 90-degree hinge for ceiling projection, the Cinemin Swivel is designed to work with popular mobile devices, such as the Apple(R) iPod and iPhone(R). Lightweight and roughly the size of a candy bar, the Cinemin Swivel is packed with power, with over 2 hours of battery life, full volume control, and DLP technology commonly found in high-definition TVs and large-scale cinemas. For more information, pre-sale announcements, and special offers, sign up for email alerts at

Cinemin Swivel

The 2009 Digital Graffiti Festival, sponsored by Cinemin Swivel, attracts a range of attendees from across the globe, including photographers, VJs, producers, celebrities, ad agency executives and fans of art, technology and architecture. The event will be hosted by author, TV host and fashion model India Hicks, a trend-spotter following in the footsteps of her father, legendary interior designer David Hicks. Tokyo-based VJ Shantell Martin, recently named one of the Top 10 VJs in the world, will be the headlining performer during the festival. For more festival information and ticket sales, visit

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