Cinemin Swivel Included in ESPY Gift Bag, Best Tech Swag Ever

Ahh... the lifestyles of the rich and famous.  By invitation only, of course, certain lucky members of the upper class not only get to grace the ESPY awards ceremony with their presence, but as if they needed it, also get to take home a sweet gift bag of cool stuff.

If we were attending the ESPY's, we know what we'd be doing... digging to the bottom of the bag, past the spa tickets, clothes, and perfume right to the good stuff, the only stuff that matters - the tech swag.  This year, already-rich recipients of the wondrous sack of luxury will be the proud parents of a new Cinemin Swivel - the pico projector that promises to revolutionize mobile entertainment.

Stay tuned to the community for more news on the Cinemin Swivel as it becomes available... you won't have to be envious of the stars forever!

[Via ESPN]

[Learn more about the Cinemin Swivel at!]