New Rovio Headlight video

Rovio users:

Here the first Rovio Headlight video. Feel free to give feedback!


robojunkie's picture

WOW awesome! still no word as to when i can get my grubby aussie hands on one then?

redeemer666's picture

It's awesome!!! Just one question: have you began to send the headlight to the American people? Thanks a lot!!

GWJax's picture

Nice to see it in action Michelle C. yet I still don't own a Rovio :( From the looks of it all it is a 2 10mm LEDs on a frame and crossed connected through the battery. Does anyone have one that they can rip it down and give a quick schematic for it for those who want one and can built it from scratch? I would like to know what other circuit it has in there that will allow one to turn on and off the LEDs Or is it just connected to the side lights?. One day I'll get a Rovio or maybe someone will donate one to me, hehe.


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And here it is seen through the eyes of Rovio...


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I tried but could not buy the headlight.  Where can I get one?

J. Carr Gamble