Sorry Son, your too young to take the drone out. Maybe next year.

Plans were announced this week by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) that would require all drones currently owned and operated by businesses or citizens to be registered with the Federal Government.  Although this may have practical use and in theory would work much like the ownership of a vehicle, which while on the road needs to be register to your state.  Yet to my personal knowledge your car is not registered on the federal level.    Alex Howard of the Huffington Post had a great piece yesterday that roughly went over what we all are thinking.  Is it first practical for all drones to be registered since millions of them will be under Christmas trees in two moths and many of them will be owned by people who don’t even have a driver’s license.  Second, while it seems that we have been adverting government shutdowns over our current spends on federal needs is this really the best way to spend our tax dollars right now? This could be a great discussion.  Any thoughts?