A Robo Halloween.

This year you can scare the pants off your wife or children by strategically placing a robot or two around your home this Halloween.  The first is not as recognizable but could still deliver a jolt if discussed well enough.  The Kamigami is a small user friendly, easy to build robot that can be controlled from your smart phone or tablet.  I would suggest making it look like a spider or rat and let it run across your wife’s path.  Yet be prepared to sleep on the couch.  Here is the Kicker… The Kamigami isn’t even in production yet.  Dash Robotics is currently still in the first phase of business scaling’s, i.e. raising capital.  Please feel free to check out the kickstarter page and if you feel so compelled to have this in your home next year fund this project. Check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2141368214/kamigami-worlds-first-diy-lightning-fast-origami-r For this current year we have a guaranteed creep for all how see it, yet it might set you back a bit.  The T8X develop by Robugtix is rather interesting in that it resembles a huge spider and can mimic many of an actual spider’s movements.  The T8X can be purchased through the following link.  http://www.robugtix.com/t8x/ Happy Robo Scarring everyone!