RS Media Available in the US

Finally, at long last, the RS Media makes its first public appearance in the United States.  Starting today, JavaOne conference attendees could buy the RS Media at the conference, marking the first availability of the latest WowWee humanoid robot in America.

Several bloggers and other sites are beginning to report RS Media sitings at JavaOne as well.  We will do our best to track them for you...

South Koreans Working on the Three Laws of Robotics

Inspired by Isaac Asimov's three laws of robotics, the South Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy decided last November to create a written code of ethics for robots. Their stated goal is "to address and prevent robot abuse of humans and human abuse of robots".

Mini RoboSapien Eye Hack

Hello, I'm Owen, Scott's son, posting this little thing I did to my Mini Robosapien (as you can see from the pictures below, my next one will be a prosthetic arm) to make his eyes light up seperate from the legs. My dad did the soldering, but it was my idea, and I did some other stuff, so it's a joint project.


-----Part One: Taking Apart-----

Anyway, here he is after opening him up: