Anyone got any FlyTech Dragonfly tricks they'd like to show off?

So now you've all heard the buzz and you all have gone out to get your own FlyTech Dragonflies (just kidding -- RUN, don't walk, to your local store to get yours if you haven't already), I'm sure some of you have devised your own way of flying these critters and created your own tricks.

If you have tricks you'd like to show us with your FlyTech Dragonfly, post them here!

Here's one to start it off:

A short and incomplete history of Robosapien V1 hacks and mods

Well where to begin? At the start seems like a logical place...


When V1 was released it was well recieved from people all across the world. It wasn't long before owners who belived V1 was lacking a certain "Je ne sais quoi" began adding all sorts of paraphernalia to the little critter.

Dragonfly in the News Everyday

The FlyTech Dragonfly has to be the most popular dragonfly on earth. It seems like once or twice a day he's featured on some new news program or talk show. As his fame grows, we'll keep you informed. Starting today, we'll track appearances of the dragonfly and record them in one spot - FlyTech Dragonfly in the News.