Press Release - WowWee Introduces Robosapien V2

future of humanoid robotics has arrived with the introduction of RobosapienTM V2
- the ultimate entertainment humanoid from WowWee RoboticsTM, the leading
consumer entertainment robotics company. 
Just like his predecessor Robosapien, Robosapien V2 (RoboV2) is a mind
blowing fusion of technology and personality.   RoboV2 sees, hears and even speaks! If he was
any more realistic he would be human!

PC Magazine Review of WowWee Alive Chimpanzee

The author of this PC Magazine review, Lance Ulanoff, gives the Chimpanzee a glowing review saying that the Chimpanzee "head and shoulders (literally) beyond any other home animatronics device you've ever seen". He goes on to summarize that "this is a great desktop robot that can act as a room guard, curiosity, or playmate for a teenager or adult."

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Press Release - Robosapien Wins 2005 Digital World Innovations Award

Robosapien, the hottest programmable,
entertainment robot on the planet and this year's ‘must have' gadget for the
holiday season has been selected as a 2005 Digital
Innovations Award Winner. The Digital
Innovations Awards will be presented tonight at the exclusive
ShowStoppers media reception at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

Press Release - World-wide Launch of Robosapien

out, there is a new robot in town. This August, Macy's gears up for the highly
anticipated arrival of WowWee's Robosapien, the hottest programmable, entertainment
robot on the planet.  In the digital
world we live in, Robosapien is the perfect robotic companion for today's tech
savvy consumers.  By mid August,
Robosapien will be available at Macy's stores nationwide in the ‘Home Store'.