Cinemin Swivel Included in ESPY Gift Bag, Best Tech Swag Ever

Ahh... the lifestyles of the rich and famous.  By invitation only, of course, certain lucky members of the upper class not only get to grace the ESPY awards ceremony with their presence, but as if they needed it, also get to take home a sweet gift bag of cool stuff.

Updates for Rovio -- now updated support for Windows Vista!

Hi everyone,

Great news for Rovio users on Windows Vista -- I've posted Vist-compatible Rovio Firmware Updater v.2.1 and an update to the Rovio Software Installer (v.2.1) which resolves issues with Vista installations.

Feel free to leave feedback for these Rovio apps!

WowWee Rovio Official Tutorial Videos Now Available

Here at RoboCommunity, we hope that you're enjoying all of your robots and have no issues getting them set up.  I mean, you're all robot experts, right?

Well... OK, so not *all* of us are experts.  In fact, MOST of us are just starting out in the world of robotics, don't know a servo from a solar cell, and couldn't program our way out of a paper bag.

Cinemin Swivel Brings Pico Projector Spirit to Digital Graffiti Festival

This June, digital artists from around the world will project original works onto a town's iconic white walls at the 2009 Digital Graffiti Festival, the world's first outdoor projection festival. The festival, sponsored by the sleek new Cinemin(TM) Swivel pico projector, provides filmmakers, musicians, and animators with an interactive canvas outside the constructs of boardrooms and movie theaters.