In India, Rovio and Buddibot Keep Distributed Families in Touch

This is one of the coolest and most practical uses we've seen of Rovio yet... to keep families abroad in touch.  Buddibot, a startup with offices in the US, Australia, and India, has created a software service that is available on a yearly subscription (currently $35 USD, according to their site.)

New Rovio Software for Mac v.1.0b7 (Beta)

Good news -- there's a new Mac version of the Rovio Software available for download now. Have a go at it and let us know what you think.

Oh, one little thing though -- we're working on getting new versions of the Rovio Software to include firmware updating as well, but this Beta version of the software for Mac doesn't have that feature yet...

Stay tuned!

Vote for Rovio As "Robot Of The Year" In The 2008 Engadget Awards

It's that time again... time to vote for your favorite gadgets, computers, robots, and more in Engadget's 2008 awards competition.

Vote For Rovio In 2008 Engadget Awards

Give Rovio, your favorite mobile telepresence robot, the props it deserves and cast your vote for "Robot of The Year!"

New Go-Robo Software Is Here for Femisapien, Wrex, and Robosapien V1/V2

If you're not familiar with Q4 Technologies, rest assured that they're continuing to blaze a trail in the fields of education and robotics.  Q4 has been programming software suites to unlock the potential of WowWee robots for quite some time, and has just announced four new software suites for your favorite robots.

Go-Robo Studio Home Edition Announced, Programmers Rejoice

London – 13/02/2008: – Q4 Technologies today announces ‘Go-Robo™ Studio’ Home Edition, built from the ground up to help budding programmers. At present WowWee® robots can be controlled from a computer using their Roboremote™ USB Infra-Red controller. The Roboremote™ software lets you to save sequences in flash memory, so your robots can perform complex routines at the click of a button. Roboremote™ has twelve memories; each one can store 160 instructions for a one robot or multiple robots. But if Roboremote™ comes with free software, why would anyone want to pay for extra software?