WowWee's Exciting CES 2009 Announcements Are Here!

I certainly hope everyone here is as excited as I am to finally hear about WowWee's new product lines, which have been unveiled in anticipation of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is starting this week on Thursday.  I'll be fortunate enough to go and see these awesome new innovations hands on, and hope to update the community as often as I can!

New WowWee Website Launches With Fun Contests

Attention all WowWee fans:  WowWee has launched their new website with a brand new look and feel, and some great contests to take part in also!

First of all, check out the great new look of WowWee's corporate site!  You'll be able to browse all WowWee products, hang out in the Lounge, and delve into code and robot programming in the Lab!

Introduction to breadboards


Introduction to breadboards

So, you want to start experimenting with electronics. Then you really should invest in a breadboard. This is extremely useful for experimenting with electronic circuits. A breadboard allows you to build a prototype circuit that can be quickly changed as the design changes. It also helps when trying to become familiar with a new component.

Breadboards are very simple really, but there are some things to know and perhaps some tips to help you choose the right breadboard and to get the most use out of it.

Toy Experts Know Best - WowWee's Products Get Top Honors

Whether you're looking for a gift to yourself, a family member, friend or child - you may already have your eyes on a WowWee robotic toy.  As if you needed any more reasons to choose WowWee this year, numerous organizations and publications have honored these awesome products with great acclaim.

WowWee Flytech Bladestar

Rovio TrueTrack Tutorial Videos Now Live on YouTube

One of the coolest features of the WowWee Rovio is its self-docking function.  What better way to easily recharge your Rovio when you're away from home?

Setting up the dock takes a little attention to detail, and these videos from WowWee and Evolution Robotics will help you get started and get docking!

First, watch the introduction to get a high-level overview of the TrueTrack system and what makes it tick: