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Cyber Monday Has Gone to The Robots

By now we should have finished the leftovers of Thanksgiving, fought crowds of every kind at every establishment, and managed to spend our time with our family members or our income on their gifts.  Although this would seem like a full holiday weekend let us not forget the final blow, Cyber Monday. Today is expected to be the single largest day of online sales of the whole year and rightfully so.  This year’s sale projection is expected to reach $3 billion before the end of today according to the Associated Press.  Which leaves the question “who is handling all of these orders?” Not Elfs bu

Nano Robotics Break Through

The world is getting smaller… and so is the world of robotics.  According to a recent article by Steven Chen on www.scmp.com, scientist have begun to breach the long held threshold of nano robotics by introducing a “nano-manipulation system”. The historical issue with nano robotics was the complication of tiny motors.  How can a device so small be able to have motors that will work accordingly inside of it?  Well according to Steven Chen’s article, Professor Yu Sun and his team at the University of Toronto in Canada have a system that would be able to “mani

It's On Like Donkey Kong!

The Robert Zemeckis film series Back to The Future gave a many theater goers a look as to what the world would be like in 2015.  Looking back at the films and comparing what we have access to as consumers is really interesting.  Nike has patented and designed automatic shoelaces, handless video games have been available for some time now, video conferencing is now a daily activity for many business and families, and the over all personal consumption of electronics seems to be truer than ever.  Which brings up an interesting question, is Hollywood predicting the future?


Epic Fail

It is generally agreed among the scientific community that development of robotics still remains within its infant stages.  We can appreciate the following by looking back at the baby failures of this generation of robotics and can begin to speculate what could happen if we don’t begin to learn from these development errors.  Check it out and have a good laugh. http://www.businessinsider.com/19-videos-of-robots-failing-at-life-2015-11  

The Practical Approach to Drones

As firms like Amazon and Google work to over come the logistical aspects of drone operation within the contracts of the Department of Transportation.  A firm more “grounded” has introduced an answer to the much needed (or greatly requested) changed to drone delivery.  Starship, which was created by the founding engineers of Skype, has developed robots that will transport goods to consumers by traveling on a sidewalk.  This could be the best option for current consumer domain and logistical adaptability.  Although this concept has yet to be approved by many municipalities or even purchased b


Software has allowed your car to drive itself.  Now Yamaha has created a robot that can operate a motorcycle.  Motobot is an autonomous humanoid robot that can operate the clutch, throttle, and breaking systems of a motorcycle.  Although Motobot still requires training wheels this robot is being attended to by Yamaha for many improvements and advancements.  Pretty interesting stuff.http://www.theverge.com/tldr/2015/10/28/9626782/yamaha-motorcycle-robot-self-driving 

A Robo Halloween.

This year you can scare the pants off your wife or children by strategically placing a robot or two around your home this Halloween.  The first is not as recognizable but could still deliver a jolt if discussed well enough.  The Kamigami is a small user friendly, easy to build robot that can be controlled from your smart phone or tablet.  I would suggest making it look like a spider or rat and let it run across your wife’s path.  Yet be prepared to sleep on the couch.  Here is the Kicker… The Kamigami isn’t even in production yet.  Dash Robotics is currently still in the first phase of busi

Sorry Son, your too young to take the drone out. Maybe next year.

Plans were announced this week by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) that would require all drones currently owned and operated by businesses or citizens to be registered with the Federal Government.  Although this may have practical use and in theory would work much like the ownership of a vehicle, which while on the road needs to be register to your state.  Yet to my personal knowledge your car is not registered on the federal level.    Alex Howard of the Huffington Post had a great piece yesterday that roughly went over what we all are thinking.  Is