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RobOlympics anyone?

What do robots and the Olympics have in common?  While hosting the 2020 Olympics Japan has announced that it will be creating a district of robots which will carry out many daily tasks within their own “robotic village”.  It is speculated that the robots will help with the transportation of people and luggage while showing the advancements achieved in robotic technologies.  Panasonic is the lead on this project and we should expect something very interesting in the next 5 years.

The Economics of Robots

Stephen Hawking gave his two cents this past week in the on going debate over concerns that increased automation within a work force or economy would cause large scale unemployment.  This renowned astrophysicist stated in his Reddit discussion form; “everyone can enjoy a life of luxurious leisure if the machine produced wealth is shared.”  Yet after stating this Mr.

Why Holidays Always Seem To Arrive Too Soon Every Year.

WowWee gives everyone with kids (or anyone with a big inner child) a reason to look forward to the best time of year.  Meet Miposaur, the interactive robot dinosaur that can have moods much like you and I.  Miposaur can be controlled remotely through your smart phone or with simple hand gestures.  Released in July of this year, Miposaur should be in strong supply for the holiday season but be sure you get one before they run out.  Nothing like holiday shopping in October…http://wowwee.com/miposaur/