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Paid $300.00 good old worthless US dollars!

Media Suite sucks! Have tried the version that came on the CD, (2.1) let it automatically upgrade to a newer version via the net, and tried the newest version, downloaded from WowWee (2.4.1) Everything locks up while trying to create a bodycon, and you loose everything. Then it wants to send a message to microsoft. Yea, like that's really going to help. But on the other hand, I've sent so many messages to microsoft now, that maybe they will contact WowWee and ask them to fix their program, so that they will stop getting so many messages. Also shuts down, leaving the 3d screen on my monitor, that I have to manually close, to get rid of. Originally tried everything on a different partition, my "H" drive. Uninstalled everything, and let it default to my "C" drive. Still no workie. I like the idea that this guy wants us to write programs for him, that he might get rich from, but he'd better give us something better to work with.Money mouthTongue outFrownCool

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   They choose to make the newest models and products more simple and with less functions because of the failure of RS Media, this is my oppinion. I say that Rovio is somthing else and the problems of RS Media apeared on programming not on driving ro moving ... Rovio has less servo motors ... I say it's less complicated.

   Wow Wee made RS Media PC Suite 1.0 , 1.2 , 2.0 , 2.0.5 , 2.0.9 , 2.1 , 2.4 , 2.4.2 ... (this I have saved on my hard drive) and others ... so it's some effort ... but very little efficienc. I tried to figure it out how to deal with this problems and how should Wow Wee deal with ... I do not know what to say anymore ... For a period of time I was sad and then mad , but now ... it's ohh soo quiet ...


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I think we should petition them to release the ENTIRE SDK for RSmedia under the GNU license. That way, we the people, could make our own much better software. Wowwee obviously aren't terribly interested in improving the media suite; why not let us do the hard work for them?

It would only make their product RSmedia more valuable and desirable.

People would come up with the coolest tools, I guarantee it.

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Wasn't there some evidence turned up that showed who the real authors of the software were, and that it wasn't WowWee?

It might not be in WowWee's hands to freely distribute anything more than they have. Those darned contracts and license agreements sometimes get in the way of doing what seems like a no-brainer.

My job involves creating and distributing software. Sometimes we're hog tied by red tape crafted by people who don't understand the process. 

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In this case, there's Sun that is sitting on the Java SDK, and yet another company that wrote the Media Suite. But now we can program in C and execute directly, without worrying about Sun and Java. I thought there would be a higher interest in Nocturnal's article, but haven't seen much comment yet.

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Do a search for Microsofts "Process Explorer" and install it, and then look at what Media Suite is doing. The 3D part is what's causing the problems. It uses over 50% of my processor. With Process Explorer, you can kill that part, and the suite runs fine! However, every time you switch to "Bodycon", the 3D starts up, and you have to kill it, of the program will crash.

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ROBOCOMMUNITY username:...................shadowcat_2
Money spent on RS Media:..................220 USD
General dissatisfactions about software:..Good News & Bad News Department. Had to get a revised LapTop, and now the bodycon display seems to (actually) work (Just had a black screen with blue strypes, before). Would be nice, if the display didn't need a separate video card to display properly. Also, if you make an error in programming either the sound or vision subroutines (as I seem to have), that there was a way to get into them in the suite, to remove the mis step(s). Ive tried (via the controller) to do so, but that doesnt seem to work. A response from support, after youve EMailed them, would be nice as well, rather than just the form mailer, stating to remind them if you dont get a reply after a week or so.

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I'll keep trying to do a personality even if software crashes every time because I have some ideas :)

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Well, I love it, but it was quite hard to get some own written programs to run. Currently I use Java, as I gave up with C++ setup/toolchain... I dont need a fancy UI, but couldn't you provide a better SDK/Toolchain/scripts/access to hardware?! AND PLEASE: MS OS is NOT the only OS in the world! Specially for such a tool, I suggest Linux is a better development environment... For a remote controlled robot rs media is too expensive.