Robosapien V1 FAQ

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Can I operate two Robosapiens at the same time?

Robosapien is not a radio control product. It works on infra-red light waves (just like a television controller) - so there is only one option for controlling him. Therefore, if multiple Robosapiens are near each other, the signal from one controller could activate all of them. The receiving range is approximately 20 feet, which means that for truly individual play, multiple Robosapien's would need to be 30 feet apart.

Where is Robosapien’s power switch?

- It’s located just below his right shoulderblade. Press in to power him on; if he has previously shut down automatically, you will need to press the button twice (out and back in). Robosapien will respond with his “Wake Up” routine.

Why does Robosapien seem to operate in the opposite direction from the controller?

- The remote is set up so it's like you are holding the Robot in your hands. This turned out to be quite natural for most people, like you are directing an actor on a stage.

The left side of the controller always operates Robosapien’s right side; the right side of the controller always operates his left side. So, if you are standing in front of him, the controller buttons line up directly to the side which will move; if you are standing behind him, the controller buttons line up vertically to the side which will move.
- Try working the remote upside down if that is more comfortable for you.

Why won't Robosapien respond to the controller?

Robosapien is "blinded" by sunlight or electronically dimmed lighting.
Try lowering his visor, or remove him from the interference source.
- Robosapien could be in LISTEN, REACTION, or SLEEP mode. Press RESET to get his attention.
- Robosapien can't "see" the remote signals. Always point the remote control at his head.
- Robosapien is too far away. Move closer to him.

Robosapien’s head has turned to the right; I have not been able to re-center it. Do you have any suggestions for repair?

- Lower his arms and twist his head all the way to the left, until you hear a "click".

What if Robosapien is not walking well?

- Try pressing STEP again for the sure-footed "slow walk" mode, or, if stopped, press STEP-STEP.
- Only operate Robosapien on a hard floor or low-pile carpet. He has trouble walking on deep shag, grass, sand, or cloth.
- Make sure there are no obstructions, wires, or string limiting Robosapien’s motion.
- Maybe his batteries need changing.

Why can't Robosapien pick up low objects from the floor?

-Robosapien will damage his fingers if he bends down too low. He can only pick up items that are greater than approximately 2” high, such as paper cups, socks in a ball, bent business cards, crumpled paper, etc.
- If you put Robosapien in a dimly lit environment, his palm lights will show you where his two pick-up “sweet spots” are located. When you do a pick-up command, he can very reliably pick things up which are placed in these spots located next to his ankles.

Why does Robosapien have two types of hands?

- His right hand is for round or bulky things like dolls, cardboard tubes, etc.
His left hand is for thin things like pencils, napkins, dollar bills, business cards, and paper. Use his hands to lift things, hold and carry them, and even put them on steps or in laundry bags, for example.

What if Robosapien doesn’t walk while he is carrying something?

- If Robosapien is holding something that will flop against his sensor (like a
long ruler), the sensor may false trigger and he may stop walking. If that is the case, press SELECT-FORWARD or SELECT-SELECT-FORWARD (bulldozer action) and Robosapien will walk.

Robosapien stops whenever he's stuck against a wall. How do I get him away from it?

- Press SELECT-FORWARD or SELECT-BACKWARD to get him away from objects that keep tripping his sensors. You can also press SELECT-SELECT-BULLDOZER to make Robosapien kick his way through things in front of him.

Why can't Robosapien fast walk with his arms all the way up?

- On some surfaces your robot cannot walk well while his hands are all the way up or while he's carrying something heavy. However, just press STEP again (or, if stopped, press STEP-STEP) and he'll walk fine.

How do I make Robosapien walk straight when his arms are not balanced?

- By pressing the STEP button again, or, if stopped, by pressing STEP-STEP. This puts him into the much more stable "slow-walk" mode. Slow-walk allows Robosapien to push, pull, or kick his way out of many situations.. If he continues to stop, use the "SELECT-SELECT-BULLDOZER" mode; he will push through any obstacle he can.

How can I make Robosapien quieter?

- Cover the speaker grill on his back with tape.

Is there a way to make Robosapien remember his programming?

- No, but in SLEEP mode he will remember his programming for up to 2 hours before he completely turns himself off and forgets everything. In SLEEP mode, he will ignore all touch sensors until you wake him up with your remote control.

During wake-up, I hear Robosapien making strange humming sounds. Is this something to worry about?

- No, it is part of the normal wake-up protocol.

Why does Robosapien have lights in his palms?

- So he can look cool patrolling around at night, of course. Several command functions cause his palm lights to come on.



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Can my Robosapien do housework?

- Sort of. He can push lightweight boxes, kick toys against a wall, retrieve hankerchiefs and pile them on steps, pick up light laundry and throw it in bags, among other housekeeping chores.

Why didn't Robosapien start after I put in fresh batteries?

- Make sure he is not lying down when you power him up or he'll think he's stuck and won't power on.
- Always power on Robosapien standing upright in a clear, open space.
- Make certain that the battery-pull straps inside his feet are not caught between the batteries and contacts.
- Check that all batteries are placed in the correct direction in the battery housings.

What happens if I forget to turn off Robosapien?

- If you ignore him, Robosapien will stop and go to sleep after 5 minutes. If he gets no remote signal for 2 hours, he will shut off completely (even if the power button is still in the “on” position).

What are the 67 Robosapien functions?

1) Right Arm Up
2) Right Arm Down
3) Right Arm In
4) Right Arm Out
5) Tilt Body Right
6) Left Arm Up
7) Left Arm Down
8) Left Arm In
9) Left Arm Out
10. Tilt Body Right
11) Turn Right
12) Walk Forward
13) STOP Button
14) Turn Left
15) Walk Backward
16) (R>) Right Sensor Program
17) (S>) Sonic Program
18) (L>) Left Sensor Program
19) (R>) Right Sensor Program
20) (P) Master Command Program
21) (SELECT) Advance to GREEN Keys
22) Right Hand Thump
23) Left Hand Pickup
24) Lean Backward
25) Right Hand Throw
26) Sleep
27) Left Hand Thump
28) Left Hand Pickup
29) Lean Forward
30) Left Hand Throw
31) Listen
32) Forward Step
33) Right Turn Step
34) Backward Step
35) Right Sensor Program Execute
36) Master Command Program Execute
37) Wake Up
38) Reset
39) Left Turn Step
40) (SELECT) Advance to ORANGE Keys
41) Left Sensor Program Execute
42) Sonic Sensor Program Execute
43) Right Hand Sweep
44) High 5
45) Right Hand Strike 1
46) Burp
47) Right Hand Strike 2
48) Left Hand Sweep
49) Talk Back
50) Left Hand Strike 1
51) Whistle
52) Left Hand Strike 2
53) Bulldozer
54) Right Hand Strike 3
55) Oops!
56) Demo1
57) All Demo
58) Power Off
59) Roar
60) Left Hand Strike 3
61) (Select) Return to RED Command Functions
62) Demo2
63) Dance Demo
64) <, < Combination "Right Walk Turn"
65) >, > Combination "Left Walk Turn"
66) Forward, Forward Combination "Slow Walk Forward"
67) Backward, Backward Combination "Slow Walk Backward"

What are the 4 programming modes?

1. Master Program (P) General control programs
2. Right Sensor Program (R> ) Triggered by touch to finger, toe or heel sensor
on right side
3. Left Sensor Program (L> ) Triggered by touch to finger, toe or heel sensor
on left side
4. Sonic Sensor Program (S>) Triggered by a sharp sound or tap on his body.

What is the function of the wires that stick out of Robosapien’s arms?

The wires carry power and sensor information to and from his hands.They also act as soft bumpers if Robosapien gets too close to a wall.



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