Where to buy the Flytech Dragonfly

It's official. The Flytech Dragonfly is hitting shelves in stores all over the world over the next few months. Here's a snapshot of where you can buy our favorite robotic insect and when.

In the United States...

  • Radio Shack (March)
  • The Sharper Image (mid-April)
  • Discovery Stores (mid-April)
  • Toys "R" Us (mid-April)
  • Target (In stores 4/15/07)
  • Best Buy (In stores 5/13/07)

In the UK...

  • Tru Argos (End of March)
  • Woolworth (End of March)
  • Toy Master (End of March)
  • The Eentertainer (End of March)

In Canada...

  • Mastermind (April)
  • Toys "R" Us (April)

In New Zealand...

  • The Warehouse (April)
  • K-Mart (April)
  • Dick Smith (April)

In Australia...

  • Toys "R" Us (March)
  • K-Mart (June)
  • Big W (June)
  • Target (June)
  • Myer (June)
  • Toyworld (May)
  • Toy Kingdom (May)
  • David Jones (April)

In France...

  • Toys "R" Us (April)
  • La Grande Recre (April)
  • Jouet Club (April)

In Germany...

  • Toys "R" Us (April)
  • Idee and Speil (April)
  • Vedes (April)
  • Conrad (April)

In Spain...

  • Toys "R" Us (April)
  • El Corte Anglais (April)

In Belgium...

  • Dreamland (April)
  • Maxi Toy (April)

In Holland...

  • Bart Smit (March
  • Toys "R" Us (March)

In Japan...

  • Toys "R" Us (late April)
  • Tokyo Hand (late April)

For the latest information on locations for the dragonfly, also check out the Where to Buy page on www.flytechonline.com.



janine's picture

please could you inform me where I can purchase new blades for the flytech propellers as as the ones supplied have snapped