Customized RS Media Project. (Still W.I.P)

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Santa Matt
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Nocturnal said: I should probably draw a schematic of this board, but I have a suspicion that as long as the orange wire is carring ~6V to the RS Media, it will think its running on batteries.

Could we just pull the orange wire and put a series regulator in line with it? Run the RS Media on 9v and the regulator dropping it to 6v to fool the brain?

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Hi all,
I have run my bot off a variable power supply, if I cranked the voltage past about ~7.2 he will not move his legs any more. Below ~7.2 and he will move his legs. BTW this happens anytime, ie If I vary the voltage while he is already powered up, his behaviour will change.


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Cool! Realy Nice!

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None of you photos seem to be showing up on my computer, Except the ones it the image Gallery.

Shai Alyt NEMO
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to Helibot (and all):
Did I understand correctly, that in order to make RSM use his legs on AC/DC power I just have to make an alternative AC/DC power supply with DC output of, say, 7V 3A to replace the stock adapter (7.5V 3A)?

Please, comfirm my guess as I'm also interested in full functional work of RSM from main power supply (the D-size cells are really expensive).

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Yes Santa. That does actually work as I found out by accident when my power supply was on 6 volt without me noticing. He was walking and I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why and starting to panic thinking he was busted or something. He was behaving kind of dopey too. It took me a few minutes until I noticed the power supply was on 6 volt and not 7.5 as usual. Doh!

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Hi Shai

I am running RSM from mains at 6v at 3.5amps and I am able to make it walk and do all the other lower body movements. I have been using the bot like this since last september after FreddyA advise me I could do this and I find the robot works very well. The only thing I do fine is when it goes into sleep mode then finally powers it's self down it makes a Farty type noise then I need to switch the robot off and back on to power it back on. If I run the robot on mains at 7.5v the robot has no lower body movement but never powers down completely, it just goes into sleep mode and when I press a button on the control it wakes again.

I was fed up of changing the batteries and am so glad I have been able to do this.


Shai Alyt NEMO
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Thanks, folks! It's a really great discovery! Smile

And it's especially good, that 6v is enough, as a 6v regulating chips are available ready-made, but for 7v, I think, one must make a custom voltage regulating circuit.

To gerber: Nice avatar you have! Wink I have a Soviet clone of this machine since 1980's - "Elektronika IM-11". Still in working order.

Like this:

 Elektronika IM-11

It was a fantastic toy for it's time. And more to say, the accuracy of it's programmable movements looks to be unsurpassed even by today's toy robots!

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Hi Shai

Your really lucky to having one of the big tracks. I always wanted one when I was a younger. They have just started making them again and selling them in the Uk last year. I don't think I will buy one now as I aleady have 4 RSM's, 1 RSv1, 1 roboraptor, a number of RC helecopter and an RC Jetiger plane, so I don't think I have the room for any any other stuff. But the big tracks are so cool.