Which WowWee robots are programmable?

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Which WowWee robots are programmable?

Hi all!

I'm an interested robotics developer and I saw that this forum (and WowWee) is amazing!  I was aware of Robosapien some years ago, but I can see that there are a large set of robots here.

I would like to know which ones of these robots  are programmable, I mean: which robots have an internal processing unit and which kind of processing unit they have (I remember some old Robosapien, hacked to include a Palm PC), if it is PC-compatible, etc.

I saw a lot for Rovio, but little for other robots. Moreover, it seems from the WowWee website that the Robosapien V1 and V2 are not sold anymore, only a combo pack is available: are they replaced with other robots?



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The following Wowwee robots are programable.

*Robosapien V1

*Robosapien V2

*Rs Media


*Wowwee Rovio

*Wowwee Roborover

Not a Wowwee robot, but the Tomy i - Sobot is also very programmable.

I'm not sure which others can actually be programed. I'd start out with Robosapien v2, RS Media and Roboquad. These are the most amazing and versatile among the Wowwee robotics line. I believe the V2 and Rs media have about 64 MB of programming memory. I don't much about the processor, but my guess, is it has a 64 Bit processor like Lego Mindstorm.

Robodance is one of the most popular PC robot programs right now and it's free. Go to http://www.robodance.com
Robodance allows you to hook a Urit USB IR Transmitter to your computer and control your robot with your computer instead of the factory remote.

You can use Robodance, the IR transmitter, and a USB blue tooth adaptor to control Wowwee robots, using your cellphone, a palm pilot, or a Nintendo Wii remote through your computer. It also allows you to use your robots as surveillance webcams, through skype video call service. You may be able to even control the robots with your TV remote.

Anycase go to Robodance.com and check it out.