How to open Tomy DingBot (OMS-B)

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How to open Tomy DingBot (OMS-B)

Hi everyone, I am new here. I just start collecting the old vintage robots.

I have got the Tomy DingBot which has to be repaired.

After put the battery in, the motor seem to work but with the wheelcog inside did oftenly make noise and make the robot stop runnning. (Motor is work) So I try to open it with the 4 screws at the bottom but I cannot open to see inside cause there might be some screws at the shoulder/arms (Cannot see it) Afraid to make break it.

Anyone who has an idea how to open/disassemble the Tomy Dingbot, please kindly give me some advice or any link that I could get the information.

Thanks in advanced.. I'm so sick with the Tomy robot now.

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My Dingbot is scared for yours.


Sorry, I've never had it apart, or am I inclined to rip it down now after it has survived intact all these years.



When you get some pictures of your old robotoys, please share them.

My gallery of old favorites is here.

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I opened the little Dingbot today by popping the white covers off of his arms, and then prying the arms themselves off where they had been snapped in place. Thought I was going to break him, but it was obvious that's how he went together, so I persevered. He comes right apart once the arms are off.

Now, I have a problem with the wheels. How were they attached to the motor? That is the only non-working component on the bot I currently have.

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yay!! More tomy fans!!