RS Media Camera Issues

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RS Media Camera Issues

Does anyone have this problem?

All the photos I take with the on board camera all come out pink!  When I take a video shot however, the colours seem fine.

 I have noticed that when RS Media takes a photo, the screen preview on the LCD looks fine, until it takes the photo and then it currupts and goes very pixelated and pink!  Also, when in video mode, the picture flickers, jumping left (off the screen) and then back again.

I have only had the RS Media a few days and wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or if I have a problem.  Strange how the camera works fine for video though?

The RS Media also does not seem to track very well, loosing or just not seeing objects as I would have expected.

 I have played with the white balance settings with no effect.  Can anyone help or has anyone had similar problems?


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hi Morphius

i have had no problems with mine...but saying that i did when i played with the white balance settings....but then i put it back on auto and its been fine on both video and photos. maybe try that. 

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Have you tried taking photos in diffrent light conditions? when i got my RS i had to change the white balance, because i had yellow pic's.

As for the video have you tried changing the camera freq? (50Hz or 60Hz)

As for the tracking i thought i had a problem with that, but it was just the light condition at the time.


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Hunter, Blade ...

 Thanks to both of you for your comments.

I have switched my RS back to factory defaults, Auto Freq for the camera and auto white balance too.  Still no joy though unfortunately.  I have also tried different combinations of white balance and freq but just don't seem to get any results.  I don't understand why video seems to be fine, but stills are all messed up?!?

I will try again in day light conditions tomorrow to see if that makes a difference.

I have noticed tonight since trying your suggestions, the actual image on the screen from the camera jumping more intensly - maybe this is a lighting issue too?

This may just be me getting paranoid now that my RS isn't working correctly, but does the screen on yours when you are toggling through the modes look very blurred and low quality?  I know its a 16-bit display but ...... yea, I'm getting paranoid now I'm sure.

Thanks again guys, anymore ideas from anyone to help out on this will always be appreciated.

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no i dont think so Morphius but the bats on mine are dead now but i will take a look at my screen in the morning and let you know what it looks like.

i must say mine seems fine and takes very good pics and vids aslong as the bots not on the move that is.

being new to the RS myself i can only go off what i have done with mine.

my bro has one and has had no probs with his that i know of but again i will let you know. 

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well i ran off and had a look at some of the pics i have taken off the bot and i think i see what your talking about i do have some with more pink then others but only the ones with bad lighting maybe that is the problem ??