Evolution of Robosapien

A not-so long time ago... in a workshop far, far away...

Robosapien started as a vision, and became a reality. Here's a behind the scenes look at the evolution of the beloved Robosapien, from sketches on paper, to working prototypes, to the final design.

It can be mind boggling to actually think about what it takes to make something as complex as Robosapien from start to finish. Every part, feature, function, and movement must be painstakingly planned, tried, and refined.

A very early box drawing. Notice the power supply ("D"-sized batteries) already drawn and spec'd out in the feet.




The Tools of the Trade... and a keyboard for those quiet moments...



They experimented powering this robot with ridges potato chips, but you can probably guess whether or not they succeeded.




A very early prototype. Hard to believe that this 'thing' is actually going to become the Robosapien.




A new definition to the term "Y"ire Frame




It's starting to come together. You can recognize the shape and the basic design of the robot.




My first steps.




In this sketch, you can start to see the shape of the feet and the two different hands. The head is more triangular than the finished product.



This drawing was probably inspired by old episodes of G.I. Joe.




This sketch is a little more "space age" than the final product and almost looks more like a football player!





Mark Tilden technical drawing from July 6, 2002. Notice the triangulation depicted. First drawing that shows the footpads.



Do you think that was a predecessor laying in pieces on the table?



The first Robosapien battle. Will good triumph over evil? All that's missing is the black cowboy hat on the black robot!




The "bare bones" of the Robosapien, circuitry in place, and hand mechanisms starting to take form.





he overlay of the mechanics of the robot with the final design.



I want to know what a "not hand-like" finger looks like.



Stand very still... He can't see you if you don't move.



A very late drawing. Really starting to come together.



Lookin' Good!


Testing out the features.



What would appear to be a heated discussion amoung engineers.


Here's a look at just the torso frame for the Robosapien. Check out the motors in the shoulder and hip.


It's an unknown secret that Robots like bubble wrap just as much as people.


They finally gave me a head with eyes! I can see! I can see! Wait a minute...What's with that scary shower cap I'm wearing?




On the production line in China.


R.U.C - Robosapiens Under Construction


Remember the heck of a time you had getting your Robosapien out of the box?



The invasion begins!

The "Warp Speed" Edition coming soon!

Wanna take this outside? What... ya chicken?


Now it's a bucket. Now it's a hat. Now it's a bucket. Now it's a hat...


The journey is complete! These are the finished Robosapien's that will soon be available at your favorite store!


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OMG! Where are all those Robosapiens?!!!

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Interesting article indeed, very nice pics!

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Great article, it was interesting to see some more pictures of the evolution of this iconic more than toy robot.