Roboraptor in need of Help :)

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Roboraptor in need of Help :)

hello to all that reads this.

 I started viewing almost any post about Roboraptor.  Well i have one of them from ebay, I won the bid at $4.99  I figure what the heck, why not bid.

And I have a few questions I was thinking SomeOne might be able to help.

He will Roar just fine, But he only moves his head and tail slowly for a few seconds and his legs very slow for a few seconds when I put Brand NEW batterys in him or Fress charged ones.  After them few moves "I assume Boot up moving" he will only Roar now and then or if I trip on of his tail or head sensors.

 I have him apart on the table right now and I have tested all of his motors with 1 AA battery. they all do work, and Quick.

 I did a Ohm beep test on his wire's and I do get a beep on every wire, so all of them are good. I removed his Batt trey and unpluged it from his board, At the Plug, with switch on, I get about 5.37v on the brown+ and black- wire, But only 2.70 on his Red+ and black- wire, And Zero v on his yellow- and green+ wires?, But When I have it pluged into his borad I get 4.86 on the yellow and green wires, and real close to the same V on the other wires from the plug when unpluged just a little more.

At First I was thinking low power before I took him apart, now i wounder what the Deal is, He will move a little slowly for a few seconds, so power gets to his motors, just not very much power as it looks. He will roar just fine. "I think a little loud"

If you can help out that would be cool!!  If its somthing like a cap on his board or somthing that went bad I would try and replace the cap, I just dont really know how to test that stuff.   And these robots are not very common at all Around here where I live. I had to drive 200 miles round trip to get a parts robo V2 to fix the one I have.  So If I can I would rather drive 15 miles to raido shack to get a few Caps or whatever I might need and try to fix this guys board.

It seem's like this site has slowed done from looking at Dates of posts, So Please Reply if you reed this. :)  Thanks, I will check back Alot threw out the day. 

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Oh come on, 17 Views so far and no replys?? I know most replys were back in 06 - 08. But I would think someone would know what thw Volt rating onn them harnes plug wires Should be.
even if a cap on the main board could be a reason why it only works very slowly for a few seconds.

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Im Sorry About This Event, I Think (Because I'm Not An Expert) You Could Find These Parts At A Electronics Store. If You Don't Find This Useful, Please Contact Me.

Hope This Helps,

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is there any way to test them little black round tube capacitors on his main board to see if all them need replace or if it is just 1 of them ? any Ideas ?