Roboraptor won't come to life

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Roboraptor won't come to life

i got a robosapian in a box of toys for my son and everything works fine except the roboraptor. i have put new batteries in both the raptor and the remote and the remote lights up but the raptor is dead. i get a low mechanical noise when i move the legs manually but that is all.

i'm not at all into robotics so keep answers simple please guys


thanks in advance



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hi also newbie here to learn.i would do first test on your raptor,
see or any batterie gets hot.any way be prepare to open the raptor.i see if
there any thing to find here on forum.see you later

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hi raphnius.second what you can the remote take out the circuitboard,
mosly green colered plate.and the rubber whit the buttons on.these two ,
clean it whit electronic spray bold sides and let it dry about 45 minites.also
the rubber on the inside of the button good spray and let dry.put it back together and try the the things you must remember is this.
1 check for hot batteries,means chorcut in the robot.
2 clean remote and test always whit new batteries.this because the signal is then strong to the robot,infrared signal.
3 when ubove testings does'n do no good,then its time to open the raptor.
see for crumbling wires,or any trap between the plastik look for wires that,
are not look normal to you,or look different then the other can also clean circuitboards here.always take your time in repairing robotics.
testing of the batteries,use the robot 15 minites and then feel the battereies,
are hot.or not.