Roboreptile or Roboraptor

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Roboreptile or Roboraptor

Im going to buy one of them, and watched alot of reviews and videos, but if i see all those reviews and videos, i think the raptor and reptile are both pretty good robots and affordable.

Whats the difference? wich one should i get?

I like the design and movement of the roboraptor the most. If its desame as the reptile, then im going for the raptor.

But i have not seen a attack of a roboraptor on any of the videos i have watched, but the roboreptile has a pretty cool attack move.


Please advise.

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I suggest you start with this very similar thread for pointers to the details of what has already been discussed.

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Roboraptor walks, (3 gaits) has a guard mode, moves his head and tail back and forth, has his bite animation, has a mouth, head, and tail touch and 3 moods for different action on when you touch each sensor but that's pretty much it (it is more simple then i probably make it sound)roboreptile has a little more to it with different animations the feed command where he tracks the remote motion tracking like the rsv2 and rs media has 2 demos,only one touch sensor that he likes when hes hooded but hates when hes not and he has 4 walking gaits 2 being just on his hind legs and they both have a free roam mode so it depends if you want simple or more complexity (there are so many more dimensions i could go in to but i have pretty much told you every thing about both)write back and tell which one you chose.

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I prefer the Reptile. It can jump, run faster, and it can scare a beagle!

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It sure is an aggressive little critter.