Help a complete newbie resurrect a RoboRaptor

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Neo Qwerty
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Help a complete newbie resurrect a RoboRaptor

My mother recently came by with a RoboRaptor rescued from a garage sale, with the predictable swears that it "still works". It was only $15, so not a big loss (I LOVE their looks), but I'd still like to see if I can get this one to work once more.

I have extremely minimal knowledge in mechanics, electronics and robotics of any sorts, and right now the only things I can do without instructions would be taking its chest cover off, testing for conductivity, and figuring out if there's anything loose in there.

My diagnostics: It doesn't show ANY signs of booting up, at all, not a single twitch or relaxing, no motions or sounds, even with fresh batteries (and yes, they're in the right way, I triple-checked). Similarly the remote won't do anything to it, even with its own fresh batteries, and while the remote flashes light when I push buttons, what I've seen blink in the Raptor's nostrils doesn't happen (I'm assuming that's the "received input" light or something?) and still no motion at all.

Anyone have a checklist of stuff for me to check out?

Neo Qwerty
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Okay, so after another few random switch pushes it suddenly came alive--now I'm suspecting that there's some contact problems with the switch, AND it seems to be half-blind (it chased after me but didn't realize it "caught" me until it was shoving its nose against my leg for a full two-three seconds).

It's also... Very squeaky-jointed and has a slightly droopy neck, as in it doesn't really pull its head up higher than its neck joint's unless it's lunging, and even then it just brings it level with its back, and never above. Another thing I've noticed is that it doesn't even register touching on the tail until I literally jiggle its joint socket. Are any of these things normal?

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I have the same problem. Mine does not start. I believe it is the switch because it is a little loose. but I can not open it. It has been sleeping for 2 years, so it is difficult to open.

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It sounds like this Raptor is old, Neo Querty. I'm guessing the family who sold it played with it a lot, so that tails sensitivity has been run down, same principal of an iPhone, where after a while the screen isn't as sensitive. There's a big chance that the motor in the neck has become weaker, as all do overtime. This, or maybe you can unscrew the neck and see if any joints have come loose. I saw some pics and it looks like the neck is naturally loose. You don't have to worry, i doubt that part is hard other than the wires for the lights in it's eyes that you have to avoid touching too much.

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hi,you can clean the little circuitboards whit electronic clean spray.