Rovio ultra bright leds hack.

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Rovio ultra bright leds hack.


starting from the basic mod. saw here, we changed a little the connections to make it faster and accessible after unscrewed the power board, very easy.

Added a opened connection little board with the possibility to plug up to 6 leds.

We connected 2x3mm Nichia ultra bright leds 22000 Mcd, on the platform, and 2x5 mm same ultra bright leds on the head. Remain the original light so the total now is 5 leds. It can be seen the Nichia ultra bright leds are very powerful if compared with the original one, 22000 mcd instead an average led of 5000/10000 then less bright and powerful. The best easy way to drill the holes inside the plastic is to use a little scissor after a very little hole is made with a driller, in this way the work can be very precise.

When the head is in the middle position the light flood is wider.

We connected the power directly on the main power supply board, on the source for the circuit, not after it.

The white connection, at the transistor, is the same to control via software the switch of the lights.

Now it has a very powerful light that can blind the view.

I discovered that rovio chat is a very good app that helps a lot with the automatic gain control setting, to improve the camera view in the dark. Using AGC and lights you can see almost as it is in the daylight.

here's the video:

To check the power consumption i left the rovio with the lights on until it recharged going back on the base, the battery lasted almost 2,40 hours with also some movements around the house. The battery is pretty new still.

Interesting to see a coincidence, the 2 leds lights on the head produce the logo when leds are very close to a surface.

Now this rovio seems a Crab.

Hope you can enjoy it.


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very nice rovio and post.

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Thanks friend.