Woot has RSMedia for $169.99 +$5 shipping.

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Woot has RSMedia for $169.99 +$5 shipping.

Woot is at it again.

This time it's a woot-off, which flips through small numbers of lots of items.

Up as I type this is a

Robosapien Media

$169.99 + $5 shipping
This is listed as New, not a refurbished unit.
If you're not reading this at or around 11:35PM EasternTime on 11/15, then the deal is likely already passed.
I got my RSV2 from Woot at a good price last Spring.
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....and..... they're sold.

Stats say they moved 500 of them.

You may see some rolling through eBay in a week or so.

39% of the buyers bought 3.


edit- a little early morning algebra tells me that 266 people bought these last night.