any RS-Medias for sale?

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any RS-Medias for sale?

anyone selling a rs media??? also i can only buy through ebay. THANKS!!!! =D

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I don't have an rs media but have a MIP (black) and a robosapien X if anyone is interested.

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HiI am selling this RSmedia, with his rc, (see the new post)since I have no longer time for him,He looks as new,but has problems with rstarting,he can go to all moods,does not walk (i hear a noise from the back like servos?),also says 'bateries need to be changed' after en whenever I try to do the comando walkAnother thing  he bends too much behind sometimes, at a point that his head touchs de floor!camera does not work neither,I have the impresion something relative to the ribbons that comefrom head to boards,maybe for someone who has the time to set him to work as he should,or als spare robot for replacements,I would like to hear a good offer,Best regards,jaime